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Frequently Asked Questions
We will post information on this page to help you use our products as effectively as possible. Browse through these Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has already been answered.

Date Posted Issue
Consumer (OTC) Products
25 Jan 2000 (OvuSign®) I got a SURGE result two days ago. I continued testing, and I got a SURGE result again yesterday and today. Is this normal?
The important event is the first day of your SURGE result, because the onset of the LH surge triggers ovulation in 24-48 hours. Once you get a SURGE result, you do not need to continue testing.

It is completely normal to see a SURGE remain for a few days; it just means there is still an elevated level of LH in your body. The duration of the SURGE result differs from person to person; for example, one person may see a SURGE last just two days, while another person may see a SURGE last more than four days.
20 Jan 2000 (OvuSign®) How do I determine the length of my cycle? I don't know when to start testing.
The length of your cycle is the number of days from the start of one month's period to the start of the following month's period. If you have an irregular cycle (a different number of days every month), just take the shortest cycle.

To determine when to start testing with OvuSign®, refer to the chart in the instruction pamphlet that came with your test kit.
20 Jan 2000 I just bought a new test, but it's expired already. What do I do?
Our products are marked on the sealed pouch and on the box with lot numbers and month and year expiration dates. An expiration date of JAN 02 means the product will work properly until the end of January 2002.
20 Jan 2000
Will Clomid affect my OvuSign® result?
Clomid can produce elevated LH test readings with OvuSign in some circumstances. When properly used, Clomid should induce ovulation about five days after the directed period of use. OvuSign® may be used to monitor the LH level after the period of use, but it should not be used concurrently with Clomid use.

The pregnancy tests LifeSign®, LifeSign 1® and LifeSign Plus®, detect hCG hormone, not LH; hence, they are not affected by Clomid.
Originally posted 15 Sep 1999.
Professional Products
15 Sep 1999 (AccuSign® DOA Series only) I see a faint Test line; is this positive or negative?:
Any line, even a faint line, visible in the T window or corresponding to a specific drug should be interpreted as negative for screening purposes. Only the complete absence of a line should be interpreted as positive.
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