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Open job postings are listed on this page. Princeton BioMeditech Corporation welcomes inquiries from qualified individuals. To respond to a job posting, see below. Note: These postings may be duplicated in other media. When sending resumes, please refer to a specific job posting.
ID: ENG17F30 Engineering Technologist
Description: PBM - Princeton BioMeditech Corporation seeks a qualified, motivated individual with strong engineering, scientific and technical skills for a full-time position with responsibilities in maintenance, manufacturing and R&D.

The responsibilities of the successful ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIST include: Assist Engineers in process control, electrical power distribution, and medical diagnostic instrumentation design and development; Work with life scientists on the engineering aspects of biomedical diagnostic devices and instrumentation; Assist Engineers and Scientists in the installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of laboratory instrumentation and facility equipment to ensure the proper functioning of research laboratories and production facilities.

He/she will possess organized reporting and communications skills in both spoken and written English language. He/she will be an achiever who demands more from self and brings more to the job and to the team.

Qualifications: BS in bioelectronics, electrical engineering or electronic engineering technology.

Through this education, the applicant should possess experience with information technology (such as computer methods) that pertains to this form of engineering. Please note that there are no federal or state-mandated licensing requirements for this position.

Please send Resume by Mail.
Location: Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
Posted: 2017-Jun-30
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