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Products: DXpress Reader
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DXpress Reader DXpress Reader - Advanced Point of Care Analyzer

Features of DXpress Reader:
  • Compact
  • Portable, Capable of Battery-Powered Operation
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Use
  • On-board Timer
  • Rapid Processing
  • Enables Single or Batch Testing
  • Provides Unambiguous Qualitative Results for compatible tests
  • Provides Quantitative Results for compatible tests
  • Built-in LCD Display Screen and Printer
  • Data Connectivity to PC
  • Available Interface to Hospital LIS
Summary of Test Procedure
  • DXpress: Enter Operator ID, Patient ID and Test identification/lot number
  • DXpress: Select Scheduler mode
  • Assay: Add Sample to Sample well of test device
  • DXpress: Place test device on DXpress Reader tray, close tray and press Start
Reading the Result
  • DXpress: Instrument will read test result at the proper time and display the result. The result is also stored in memory.
  • DXpress: Result can be printed using the onboard printer
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